Robin Mazumder is a thought leader and accomplished keynote speaker sought out internationally to provoke thoughtful discussions on cities and well-being. 

He is currently completing his doctorate in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Waterloo, where he is studying the psychological impacts of urban design. Using sophisticated wearable technology and immersive virtual reality, he examines how people experience cities. His interest is inspired by his love for cities as well as his front line experience working as a mental health occupational therapist. Robin’s research is funded by the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Canada’s most prestigious doctoral award.

Always striving for a healthier, happier, and more inclusive city, Robin is also a passionate change maker. His advocacy and research has been featured in numerous outlets including the BBCVice MagazineCBC , Canadian Geographic, Canadian Cycling Magazine, University of Toronto Magazine and University Affairs. Avenue Magazine named him one of Edmonton’s Top 40 under 40 in 2014.

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Robin is an engaging speaker who brings passion to every talk he gives. He is sought out internationally to give keynote talks on urbanism, urban design, urban planning, cities and public healthengaged citizenship, community building, mental health, and personal branding in academia. Robin also offers interactive and engaging workshops on these topics.

Robin’s talks start conversations that lead to change in communities, organizations and cities.

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What people are saying:

Robin was an inspiring and engaging speaker for our students.  He did a wonderful job opening their eyes to how they can become involved and active citizens by using his own experiences as examples of how action can lead to positive results. His humour and sincerity and his ability to connect with the audience allowed students to relate to his narrative and learn from his ideas. He left an impression on our students, with many of them describing his talk as “inspiring”. I would definitely recommend Robin as a speaker! 

– Stephanie Dupley, Career Advisor – International & Graduate Students, University of Windsor

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“Robin talks about things that are critical to city building. He is thoughtful, persistent and persuasive. He is able to connect with audiences, and moreover, his voice resonates.”

– Susan Holdsworth, WinterCity Stratety Coordinator, City of Edmonton


“The perspectives Robin shared on the intersection of the built environment and social and emotional health left a lasting impression. Our local cycling community was inspired, and has continued the conversation about how to build an inclusive city.

– Heather Shearer, President of Bike Ottawa



Upcoming Events:

January 31, 2019, Keynote Speaker, Third Age Learning KW, Kitchener

February 6-8, 2019, Keynote Speaker, Winter Cycling Congress, Calgary

February 12, 2019, Keynote Speaker, Washington Bike Summit, Olympia

March 10, 2019, Keynote Speaker, Bike League of America National Bike Summit, Washington DC

Past Events:

October 22, 2018, Panelist, An Evening With Michael Landsberg, Waterloo

September 19, 2018, Presenter, Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, San Diego

June 20, 2018, Keynote Speaker, Population Health Initiative, Sudbury

May 24, 2018, Keynote Speaker, Ontario Association of Architects, Toronto

April 25, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Branding Yourself in Academia, University of Waterloo

April 24, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Branding Yourself in Academia, University of Windsor

April 16-20, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Mode Shift, Winnipeg

February 27, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Civic Tech KW

February 8, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Halifax Winter Bike Week

January 25, 2018: Speaker, Approachable Density

December 18, 2017: Speaker, QA Greenways Open Forum

November 9, 2017: Speaker, Bradford Library #Lightbrary Launch

October 26, 2017: Panelist, Open Conversation, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

October 19, 2017: MC, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery Black and Gold Gala

October 19, Keynote, University Health Network OT Month Celebration, Toronto

October 18, 2017: MC,  Amplify Waterloo

October 2, 2017: Keynote, Bike Ottawa AGM 

September 28, 2017: Keynote, Design Council of Saskatchewan Design Week Speaker Series

September 27, 2017: Lunch and Learn, Design Council of Saskatchewan Design Week Speaker Series

September 15, 2017, Knowledge Integration Seminar Series, University of Waterloo

May 26-27, 2017: Panel Discussion on Smart Cities, Cappsule Tribe Conference

April 14-16, 2017: Keynote Talk, Panel on Vision Zero and Cold Weather Cities,  Moscow International Cycling Congress

March 15, 2017: Talk, Waterloo Unlimited Speaker Series

February 17, 2017: Plenary, International Winter Cities Conference

February 10, 2017: Keynote, Winter Cycling Congress

January 18, 2017: Panel Discussion on Healthy Cities, Kitchener Public Library







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