Robin is an engaging speaker who brings passion to every talk he gives. Given the breadth of his personal and professional experiences, he is available to speak on a variety of topics which include urban design and public healthengaged citizenship, community building, mental health, social inclusion and city building.

Robin’s talks start conversations that lead to change in communities, organizations and cities.

If you’d like to bring Robin to speak at your event, get in touch here.

What people are saying:

“Robin Mazumder talks about things that are critical to city building. He is thoughtful, persistent and persuasive. He is able to connect with audiences, and moreover, his voice resonates.”

– Susan Holdsworth, WinterCity Stratety Coordinator, City of Edmonton


“The perspectives Robin shared on the intersection of the built environment and social and emotional health left a lasting impression. Our local cycling community was inspired, and has continued the conversation about how to build an inclusive city.

– Heather Shearer, President of Bike Ottawa


“Robin brings fresh air and new ideas to the discussion on about human-centred cities!”

– Jean-François Pronovost, Vice-President, Development and Public Affairs, Vélo Québec


Upcoming Events:

January 25, 2018: Speaker, Approachable Density

April 28-30, 2018: Keynote Speaker, Washington Bike Summit

Past Events:

December 18, 2017: Speaker, QA Greenways Open Forum

November 9, 2017: Speaker, Bradford Library #Lightbrary Launch

October 26, 2017: Panelist, Open Conversation, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery

October 19, 2017: MC, Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery Black and Gold Gala

October 19, Keynote, University Health Network OT Month Celebration, Toronto

October 18, 2017: MC,  Amplify Waterloo

October 2, 2017: Keynote, Bike Ottawa AGM 

September 28, 2017: Keynote, Design Council of Saskatchewan Design Week Speaker Series

September 27, 2017: Lunch and Learn, Design Council of Saskatchewan Design Week Speaker Series

September 15, 2017, Knowledge Integration Seminar Series, University of Waterloo

May 26-27, 2017: Panel Discussion on Smart Cities, Cappsule Tribe Conference

April 14-16, 2017: Panel discussions on Vision Zero and Cold Weather Cities,  Moscow International Cycling Congress

March 15, 2017: Talk, Waterloo Unlimited Speaker Series

February 17, 2017: Plenary, International Winter Cities Conference

February 10, 2017: Keynote, Winter Cycling Congress

January 18, 2017: Panel Discussion on Healthy Cities, Kitchener Public Library








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