We Are Addicted To Cars

Last summer, I tweeted out this meandering thread: https://twitter.com/RobinMazumder/status/1145712865158021122?s=20 It started as an observation on how, in most cities, we balk at the idea of free transit but barely bat an eye at the reality of free parking. The thread continued on to explore the psychology that informed this sentiment; it was inspired by years … Continue reading We Are Addicted To Cars

Share the Road. Actually.

In January, I agreed to go on a local radio show after a months of tiresome back and forth on Twitter with the radio host. The majority of our online debates centred around how cities should function, from sidewalk snow clearance to cycling infrastructure. I figured an in-person conversation could be more productive, and perhaps … Continue reading Share the Road. Actually.

Sidewalk Snow Clearance is a Human Rights Issue

Another winter, another raging debate in my city about who should take responsibility for sidewalk snow clearance. Currently, residents are expected to clear their own sidewalks. Most of the people who are arguing against city sponsored sidewalk snow clearance are able bodied, so I imagine that it is easy for them to take this position. … Continue reading Sidewalk Snow Clearance is a Human Rights Issue